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If you have technology issues or concerns (such as equipment, internet service, Moodle access, etc.) please share your needs on the form below so that we may attempt to offer assistance.

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Troubleshoot Common Computer & 设备问题

Having issues with a Western Piedmont service on your computer, tablet, or phone? Don’t despair…we’ll help you troubleshoot your problem! Here are answers to frequently asked questions that hopefully will help with your problem. The tips are video-based tutorials, typically a minute long or less that walk you through how to fix the problem so you can get on with your day.

If you can’t find an answer to your question or problem, please 正规的菠菜app and we’ll provide additional help. If you have a suggestion for a topic we haven’t covered, please submit that too.

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General Issues for Everyone

What do I do if my password is not working? (E-mail, 通过先驱, etc.)

Are you having trouble with your WPCC password?  Watch this short tutorial video to see how you can reset your WPCC password even if the current password does not seem to be working.

How can I retrieve my WPCC User ID?

Please watch this short video to see how you can retrieve your WPCC User ID.


How do I sign up for WPCC’s text messaging service?

WPCC offers a way for you to receive text messages on your phone or through e-mail. Learn more about the messaging service 在这里.

How can I install Microsoft Office 2019 at home?

Microsoft Office is available for both Macs and PCs and can be installed for free on your home machine. Read the attached directions carefully and follow each step to install Microsoft Office at home. For Apple devices, the IT staff will need to install your software, please visit the IT服务台 in MH 17 for assistance.

Printable handout- Microsoft Office 2019 Home Installation

Especially For 学生

How do I access 通过先驱?

通过先驱 is w在这里 you can access your class schedule and register for classes. Here’s a quick look at how to access this service.


How can I access my classes in Moodle?

Please watch this short video to see how you can access your classes in Moodle.










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